2022 Conference
2022 Conference


Our mission is to develop strong, faith-filled, Catholic women who lead women to Christ by providing ways of
spiritual encounter, intellectual empowerment
apostolic evangelization.




  • unconditional love

    Loving our neighbors as ourselves starting first and foremost with our family.

  • devotion to the family

    Family is where the model of faith, hope, and love begins. The family is the place where the flame of love and life begins and values such as unity, fidelity, and respect are cultivated. In addition, family life fosters growth in a life based on Catholic beliefs.

  • unwavering faith

    Faith is the personal journey of belief in God, the Catholic Church, ourselves and others. While on our journey, we share our faith with those around us and especially our family

  • selfless servant

    We are striving to serve God, our family and church community by answering God’s call to minister to the women of our community who are seeking an intimate relationship with Christ.


The purpose for the formation of Genesis of Eve is to narrow the gap between what our parishes offer and what the women of our church communities are looking for.

The gap identified can be described as a lack of knowledge, resources, and tools by parishes and individuals to assist women with the next steps after having a life altering encounter with Jesus.



  • Help women who have a deep yearning desire to find meaning in their lives, to find themselves in their faith, and in their relationship with Christ.
  • Create a community of women led by vulnerable leadership moved by the Holy Spirit that will build each other up to create opportunities for authentic relationship.
  • Facilitate moments of encounter with Christ that leave a lasting impression and set their hearts aflame.
  • Provide orthodox catechesis on our Catholic faith and facilitate various tools to be used to grow in spirit and truth as well as foster a deeper relationship with Jesus.
  • Cultivate missionary disciples to accomplish the mission of Genesis of Eve.
  • Be bold and beautiful in defending our faith; answer the hard questions, challenge the faithful and make our faith real.